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Heavenly Hydration Body Exfoliation £22.00

This luxury full body exfoliation revatilises the body, leaving the skin soft and smooth, using Dead Sea salts that are packed with healing minerals. To finish the treatment we smother your skin in warm body lotion to massage your senses. 30minutes

Indian Head Massage £25.00

This treatment is a holistic massage that concentrates across the neck, shoulders, face and scalp. An Indian head massage aims to expel any negative energy that the body has developed. After the treatment your body, mind and spirit will be balanced. 45mins

Hopi Ear Candle £15.00

This treatment is great for anyone that suffers from ear, nose and throat congestion. It is also great for those who suffer with tinnitus, sinusitis and slight deafness. After each candle has burnt down you will receive a sinus reliving massage that will clear the head. 45mins

Back Massage £25.00

This massage will relax the back, neck and shoulders but it will concentrate on specific areas of tension. 40minutes

Head, Neck & Shoulder massage. £18.00

This indulgent treatment has been designed to incorporate main areas of tension to create a complete state of serenity. Concentrating massage on the face, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp to leave you feeling totally nourished and relaxed. 30mins

Relaxing Full Body Massage £35.00

Using Spa Find oil from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head this relaxing massage will create a sensation of wellness to deeply heal your mind whilst soothing your soul. It will concentrate on those areas of stress and tension. 55mins

Deep Tissue Massage £39.00

This therapy works deep into stiff, tight, aching muscles. Swedish and cross muscle fibre massage techniques will help to relieve any tension in the body that may have occurred through taking part in sports or even just sitting at a desk. This massage can be tailored to your needs. 1hr 10mins

Beautiful Bump Massage £35.00

The massage is performed on a therapy couch and adapted to each stage of pregnancy. The massage helps to relieve tension in the back and reduce aches and pains across the body. It also includes a mini facial to refresh and revitalise the skin. 1hr 10mins

Hot Stones Body Massage £28.00

Hot Stones massage reaches deeper into the muscles than a Swedish massage. It will help relieve any deep tension in the muscles leaving you feeling relaxed and uplifted. Back Massage £28 40mins or £32 for Part Body